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Since its founding in 1980, the USCI Group and its people have provided medical devices and technical information to ensure their proper use, in line with our goal of "contributing to the improvement of people's health and well being."

I founded MC Co., Ltd. in 1980, motivated by the desire to work in close proximity to the frontline of clinical sites. MC specialized in selling cardiovascular medical devices in the Kanto region. Through these activities, I came across a number of like-minded managers and expanded the business to form a group of medical device trading companies operating in the major cities of Honshu. Thanks to the establishment of a joint venture with a foreign manufacturer in the past, we also have medical device manufacturing and sales capabilities within our group, and I believe we now have in place the business base needed to make a larger contribution to society through health care.
As you know, due to the declining birth rate and rapidly aging population in Japan, national health care expenditures are constantly on the rise and, because of measures to curb these health care costs, the health care industry is also changing day by day. In the meantime, the health care industry is positioned as a key part of Japan's Growth Strategy, and moves to boost the health care industry can also be seen on a nationwide scale. In this environment, we would like to continue to create a new value more concretely as a team, valuing the global perspective needed to get a bird's eye view of the global health care industry; the meticulousness needed to meet the varied needs of front line health care professionals; and the agility needed to respond flexibly to changing markets. Japan is facing a rapidly aging population ahead of the rest of the world. However, I do not see this environment in a negative light; I believe being the first to experience population aging is a business opportunity. We will tirelessly strive to achieve our targets and apply ourselves assiduously to our day-to-day operations so that we can be of service to health care workers, patients and society at large through our participation in the frontline of health care. Thank you for your continued support.

Seiichi Mori, President and Chief Executive Officer

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